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J.J. Albarracín pampers the elaboration of paprika, that is to say, the process commences as soon as we select the best seeds.The whole development of the plant is rigorously checked, applying the latest cultivation techniques. So, when the fruit is ripened, it is picked and transported to the cleaning and dehydration plant. > view video <

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Once the raw material (paprika ir chillie pods) arrive to our premises already dehydrated it is tested in our laboratory to check if complies with our requirements. After that, the product is suitable for crushing. From there it goes to the different milling lines to become powder or granules (semi-elaborated paprika). When the desired grinding is reached, it is stored in bags and tested again in our laboratories batch by batch it complies with all the quality stipulated criteria. > view video <

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With the tested and approved semi-elaborated product and received the orders of our customers, we prepare the formulation of the product to pack. The product can be packed in one of our three lines: sterilised, non-sterilised and small package. Finally, the goods are tested once more by the Quality Assurance Department and verified the compliance with the customer specifications the product is released and ready for loading.

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To obtain paprika oleorresin, the dry paprika shell is deseeded and its core is crushed and milled. Then we check its particle size and if it is whitin the approved standards it goes through a granulation process to be then extracted with the addition of a selective solvent, obtaining a final suitable product to cover customer´s requirements. > view video <

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