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Our new Q.A. Department is one of the most important in Europe and proudly represents our Company. We don´t depend of external laboratories any more. Now, we make all the analyses by ourselves, wihout the intervention of any external laboratory or intermediary. A highly specialized team of professionals oversees these analyses and carries them out using the modern equipment: LC- MS/ MS 2 Gas Chromatographs, with FID and ECD detectors, 1 Gas Chromatograph mass spectrometer, 1 atomic absortion SPectrophotometer , 3 HPLC with fluorescence detector,UV-VIS and DAD, 1 ultraviolet –visible SPectrophometer, 1 Gel Permeation Chromatography (GPC). 1 Bulk density measurement equipment, 1 Moisture analyser, several analytical balances, 1 laminar flow brench and 4 culture ovens (Incubators).

We follow a three-stage analysis using this equipment: the physical analysis (product density or viscosity, among others), chemical analysis (capsaicin by HLPC, aflatoxins, Asta Color, etc), and microbiological analysis, i.e. salmonella analysis, E-coli, moulds or bacillus cereus. This procedure leads to a top quality product that meets the highest and the most stringent quality standards.

If you wish to be the number one in the market, you must adhere to consistency, enthusiasm, effort, the words which stand for success, another word to the list: reinvestment. Hence, we organise all types of training courses and ensure that people who work for our company have the chance to find available the essential means in order to update their know-how and qualifications.

We are enviroment-friendly, so our company doesn´t produce waste that damages the environment. We comply with all the present regulations and take all the necessary measures to reduce this mínimum impact even further by means of three areas of action:

  • Laboratory: an authorised company takes care of the waste management.
  • Factory: it is equipped with the latest machinery so with a suitable maintenance and revision, a clean product is produced that doesn´t damage te environment.
  • Noise level studies: we are within the legal parameters.

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